Top 12 things I’d like to see in 2012

Here are some things I’d like to see this year. And if not this year, then sometime soon, I hope.

  1. Compostable produce stickers and/or paper-recyclable staples;
  2. Abolition of marriage as a state institution. Why does anyone care who’s marrying whom? And why does the government have any say in what a marriage is or isn’t?
  3. Eradication of bedbugs. Don’t you miss sleeping on strangers’ couches?
  4. Large-scale barter economies;
  5. Seedless lemons. Limes don’t have seeds. Clementines don’t have seeds. What is even possibly the holdup with this technology?
  6. Flat-rate BART fares;
  7. Universal health care;
  8. Cure for hangnails;
  9. Cold fusion or Higgs bosons. I’ll settle for one or the other;
  10. A lifted Honda CRX. Given where I live, it’s only a matter of time, really;
  11. The sun settling down just past west Oakland as many times as possible;
  12. A paycheck.

What’s on your list?